Abandoned City

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It is 07:27 a.m., November 13, 2008. I wake up from a strange dream and slowly take my dream diary to write down what I have dreamed. Usually I will forget my dream as soon as I wake up, but for some reason I remembered everything in detail for at least two days.

I dreamed of an abandoned city. Motor vehicles standing in the road, some of them burned out and other damaged. I sensed it was a misty rainy day. With me were two other young women and a child. I had a pistol in my hand and the other two women were also armed with pistols. I suppose zombies attacked us. They looked like humans but their flesh was rotten away. We fought them but the more we kill the more will come. There came a stage where they did not come for a while and the two women and the child hided. I went to one of the vehicles and hided by lying down on the back seat of the motor vehicle. Each time a zombie looked into the vehicle, I will shoot him in the head and he will drop dead. Somehow I got out of the vehicle and told the two women that we must go up to the roof of one of the buildings and rest there. The buildings were all damaged. The window glasses were broken and there were holes in the wall. Some of the buildings were burned out and here and there were still smoke and little fires. We got into one of the buildings and just before we started to go upstairs a zombie appeared out of nowhere. The zombie came at me and I have lost my pistol. Suddenly everything went into slow motion. The two women started to shoot the zombie. He was close to me but closer to the child. As he went down the took his head off and placed it onto the child’s head. It fitted like a helmet but the wrong way around. I had a weird feeling. I took the head off the child’s head and she ran out of the building. One of the women went after her and I grabbed a small shovel of some kind and ran out of the building. At the entrance of the building there were another zombie and I killed him before exiting the building. I saw the woman and child standing at the entrance of another building and went to them. When I arrived I saw a small hand axe and picked it up. My dream started to get blurry and I remember the child picked up a teddy bear ore something and we went back to the building were we came from. I woke up just after that. I felt mad for most of the day about this dream.

I think about this dream a lot. Is there a meaning to it?


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