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‘Twas a dream,
A nightmarish dream.
I walked through 
(Side by side with the Grim Reaper)
Dense, grayish, choking smoke,
Cloaking a landscape filled with carnage and rage.
Mangled bloody corpses laid by the wayside,
Beyond recognition, beyond all hope and humanity.
Craters dotted the horizon,
Deep, black, bottomless chasms,
With screams of lost souls
Trying to escape this dark eternity.
The Angel of Death was King here
In this intense inferno, 
This oblivion, this pestilent domain.
“Is this hell?”
“Oh no, Mark ... this is Earth!”
“It can’t be!  How could it be?”
“Afraid so, ‘tis the future of Mankind.”
“But why ... Why?”
“Quite simple ... Intolerance.”
“But the human race is better than this.”
“No Mark, they’re not. You’re civilization was filled with hate.”
“But is our destiny so written, ignorance and prejudice to dictate our end?”
“Well, it lies before your eyes.”
“We can be more tolerant, more understanding!”
“If not, Mark, this is the Human Race’s inevitable fate ... Extinction.”


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