Assassin Dreams

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I had a dream that I was an assassin. I was in a skyscraper with lots of windows. I was just one of thousands of girl-assassins. Yes, girls.

We were all young, very pretty, and somewhat childish. We were like anime characters; small and sweet looking, but very strong and agile.

The game of killing each other was intoxicating. We showed no mercy, not even to those we knew, because the object was to be the last one standing, and therefore the best.

In the end, I was the best and killed them all. After I killed each girl, or each onslaught of girls, I reveled in each one’s beauty and felt a little saddened.

Afterward, I respectfully and happily disposed of their bodies.

What in the world could this possibly mean? Is it just that I watch too many movies?


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