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Baby Buddha

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I dreamt an old woman came to our home to sell us a statue of Buddha. When my husband went to grab his wallet from our bedroom she disappeared and the statue turned into a baby. The baby began walking around the house and was happy . He had tribal tattoos on his arms and a lower back tattoo of three orange flowers with some type of writing around each one.I then noticed that there were two dogs standing outside of two sliding glass doors. One was a Pincher and the other a small terrier. I ran to the doors to lock them as I felt afraid for the baby. The Pincher stood and wanted to come in as the terrier sat and watched. I locked the doors, but one of the doors opened on it’s own. The pincher just stood there and watched me as I locked it again. He had almost human eyes and the terrier seemed to smile at me. Then the baby tugged at my pant leg and I woke up?????
We as a family collect various Asian items and have recently learned we are to become grandparents for the first time.


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