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Baby Dead

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I had a dream I was working at a boutique. I went outside to talk to someone. My child runs off and there was a drive-by shooting. My son gets shot in the head and dies. Then my grandmother and I are walking up the hill where there is nothing but dirt and sticks. Out of nowhere, there is this guy calling me and he tries to give me this box, but I won’t take it, so he gives it to my grandma and tells her to open it right now.

She opens the box but does not tell me what’s inside of the box. I’m holding onto a tree and the man tells me to let go of the tree. I tell him no because I’m going to fall. He then said to slowly let go off the tree, and as I was doing so, he cut the tree and then I fell. Then I tried to climb back up the hill, but I didn’t have to climb because it turned into steps. Once we got up to the top of the steps, we sat down and asked the man what that was all about, but he gave no answer.

Then we were getting ready to talk more but there were people behind us listening to what we were saying. Then we get up and walk toward the boutique I used to work at and the owner said it was closed because someone robbed them.


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