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The Campgrounds with Cliffs and Classrooms

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I was at these campgrounds with my sister and my dad. We rode in my dad’s truck for a while and we were kind of wary at seeing the huge cliffs beside us. My sister and I were riding in the passenger seat and the height of the cliffs made my heart beat very fast because I was in fear of falling. Then, it suddenly changed and my sister and I were racing to this school that looked like a cabin of some sort, while I gave out in running my sister was already in the building. I walked in the classroom and it was a whole classroom filled with kids, and an old teacher. For some reason I got really, really mad and yelled at the teacher telling her that she was not a good teacher at all and I told my sister to get her backpack and let’s go but then she said, “I don’t have my backpack,” and then we went back to walking the campgrounds.


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