Celebrity Childcare?

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Friday, I dreamt about John Bon Jovi. I was watching his son. I didn’t get him ready on time. So I apologized to John. Then when he left I told my Mom, “Do you know who he was?” I was like, “He is the guy who sings ‘You give love a bad name.’”

Monday, I was at Madonna’s house watching her child. I was going to clean her house. She came home and I was talking to her. I opened her refrigerator. I asked her if it was hard to manage her money since she had a lot and if she had a financial advisor.

I noticed the inside of her house on the bottom of the wall there were what I called crown moldings, but actually, those words denote placement on where the wall meets the ceiling. Anyway I saw white moldings, marble, and gold. I saw windows dressed with curtains, but the curtains weren’t that nice looking. I asked her if she liked the crown moldings. Also she collected these items from the dry cleaners. I asked her if she ever dressed up in a disguise to go shopping. Then when I looked at her face she looked like an older man.

(I just note these two dreams because of the similar theme of celebrities and the fact that I was watching their children. Strange.)


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