Counseling and Guidance

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Only the psychiatrist Carl Jung was able to discover the right way to translate the meaning of dreams. I prove it with my work, continuing his research, and discovering more.

You should verify by yourself the value of the dream messages, and take advantage of the free psychotherapy your own dreams provide you, now that I have very much simplified the scientific method of dream interpretation.

While Jung’s work is complicated and obscure in many points, my work is very simple, clear and well-explained, because I could clearly see everything that he ignored.

This means that you’ll immediately find everything you need in the meaning of your own dreams, and then solve all your problems with this knowledge, without the help of anyone else.

Now that it was twice scientifically proved that the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung is right, and that it works like free psychotherapy for everyone, you should trust it without wasting your time with doubts, so that you may receive all the benefits that this superior knowledge can give you without delay.

Your dreams give you information about the external world, and about your psychical content, besides free counseling and guidance. They are constantly transforming your personality with all the knowledge you acquire, and with the development of all your psychological functions.

Your own dreams are your salvation from suffering, and from many sad experiences in life, because they eliminate your ignorance and your wickedness, transforming you into a wise human being, who never acts before thinking very well, and who is never dominated by anger.

You’ll be really superior, and not a mere hypocrite, like all the empty people who wear false masks of sensibility do.

Start using the scientific method of dream interpretation to find all the answers you need, so that you may really evolve, attaining spiritual perfection, and rest assured that you’ll find true happiness in life, instead of living based on lies.

You’ll help the entire world find wisdom with your brilliant example, because your life will be meaningful, and your actions will be always blessed.

Dreams are very special messages that will show you how to find real freedom in life, instead of living under the absurd impositions that characterize our depressed civilization.

Today their meaning is not a mystery only thanks to very long research that took two generations to be completed, guaranteeing you accurate translations that you can really trust. You have the privilege of finding their simplified result, without wasting your time looking for answers in the darkness of human ignorance, like Carl Jung had to, and like me, who had to find all the missing explanations, in order to present you a method of dream interpretation that you could easily understand.

Now you simply translate images into words, the same way you translate any common language to another one, without any doubts or delay, immediately finding all the solutions you need, and feeling really protected.

The real translation of the meaning of your dreams proves its accuracy to you exactly because it is not a collection of empty words like the suppositions of ignorant dream interpreters, but it reflects the unconscious sanctity and wisdom.


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