Curious About a Man’s Dream

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A few months ago I received a call from my best friend. He’s a man I have known for a long time and though there is a strong love bond, we are not intimate. He told me he had a very strange dream about me. He was in his hometown (I live 1000 miles away) and was walking down a driveway to the back of the house by the garage; it was twilight. He stopped walking when he saw me at the end of the drive with my back to him. On the ground, all around me were dead cats. He then watched as I bent down, touched the cats, and they were resurrected. He said that in his dream he watched me for a long time and I never knew he was there.

What I know about cats is they can represent power, femininity, and sexuality, but the whole resurrecting dead ones threw me for a loop. I am somewhat intuitive and feel this may represent his hidden feelings for me but am not sure. We are both spiritual beings and mutual cat lovers. So, I would appreciate input, thank you!

Oh and I will add that during some of his descriptions, which made me laugh, I couldn’t help thinking, he’s such a guy! He said the cats were flat, smushed cats; no blood, just smushed. There were cats of all colors: black, orange, white. Lots of them.


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