Dark Dreams

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When I was younger I had a dream that stuck to me to this day. The dream started right after the car I was riding in crashed on a bridge. I walked to the side of the bridge and climbed down the rocky slope to the small and shallow water below. I walked across to the other side, the water not even deep enough to get my pants wet. When I reached the other side I looked up the rocky slope on this side and there were naked dead bodies everywhere. Climbing up using my hands as well as my feet, I was stopped by a hand hidden in a hole in the rocks. It grabbed me, the voice inside calling to me. I don’t remember what it said, but I remember it bringing my hand inside the hole and licking me.

I woke up after that, but to only open my eyes. I could see my bedroom around me, but after two seconds my eyes were forced shut and I was back inside the dream at the exact place I left off from. With my hand still being grasped by the other. I don’t remember much else from the dream though, except when I went back to it I was looking around like I was observing the scene or something.

I thought I only ever had that dream once, but I was talking to my mother today and she told I had it several times and each time I had it I told her about it. She didn’t tell me this at the time, but she thinks it was my dreams way of telling me what my future was going to hold since now I want to become a psychologist, possibly even one that goes to crime scenes to tell the detectives what kind of person could have committed the crime.

Could it mean anything else?


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