The Dark Forest

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I awoke in a dark forest, there was no one, I was alone. I looked all around… no one, not even a mouse. I heard footsteps behind me and looked, but no one was there. The forest was dark, gloomy, and a bit depressing like myself; I was surrounded by these tall, dark trees. I heard more footsteps coming right towards me, it was too dark to see who it was. I heard gasps of breathing that tasted like powder from the stars, but how would I know what stars would smell like? I asked myself. It started to pour, then came a thunderstorm and I had to find some kind of shelter or cave to hide in while it was raining. I found a huge grey rock to hide underneath it and I took in the fresh scent of rain deep in my lungs. I heard a shrieking noise coming above right in the sky, I crawled out from the massive rock. I saw a silver-blue dragon flying! It was so pretty, I thought I was dreaming at first, but then the dragon's two gleaming eyes looked into the depth of my eyes. Our eyes met like a piece of magic from a witches spell in a book. The dragons eyes were sparkling and it was flying towards me! I wasn't sure of what to do, I was still amazed that it was a real life dragon! I didn't know whether I should run away or I should just stay where I was standing at. I just stood as still as a stick, then the dragon landed as swiftly as a bird. It gazed right at me, wondering if I was still alive, it sniffed my fragrance in my hair. I was so scared that the dragon might decide to eat me instead. I shut my eyes as tightly as I could.
When I opened my eyes, it was still dark out as always, no wonder people called this the dark forest. No one ever comes here anymore as they used to in the past. A strong wind blew and whooshed pas me, I felt as if I was flying. I was flying! I just realized as I looked I was strapped onto the dragon I met yesterday or whenever it was, I don't remember what day it was. The dragon roared as loud as it possibly could, as it knew I just awoken from my nap or whatever I was so scared of when I shut my eyelids closed. It started to pour again, and the dragon flew even more faster than ever. It was freezing out, and all I had was a hoodie on and that didn't keep me warm from the rain that just soaked through the fabric. I was ice cold, I screamed and then the dragon roared. I looked up and there was the moon, shining gracefully as always. It was nice to know I was still in Earth and not on some other planet. I passed out as soon as I saw a lightning strike, it was so bright it wounded my poor eyes.
As soon as I regained consciousness, I thought I was dreaming again, I was surrounded by three more dragons! They stared down at me in despair. I was wondering why they looked so sad.. did they thought I was going to die? One dragon with long, thick horns came and licked my wounds and then suddenly my wounds started to heal. It was like magic! No, it was magic! I fell asleep, knowing the dragons would protect me in peace. I was no longer in the dark forest, I was being protected by strong, massive dragons who all cared for me and loved me as their own kind. I was happy and no longer lost, I felt needed once again and my life went perfect like it was a long time ago. The dragons were my wings, they were my friends, family, and siblings, and I could rely on them and they relied on me too.


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