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Dead Bodies at Camp

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I dreamed I was in a camp bathroom fixing my hair and makeup and a girl came out of a stall. She told me we need to get our bags to our cabin. I replied, “Okay.” I got my bags together and sat on a chair that proceeded to start moving like a car. My dream then skipped to a pathway across from a pond and now there was a boat behind my chair. There was a ugly lady in the pond on a boat, possibly fishing. She said to me that the boat I was carrying made me look ugly and something to the extent I shouldn’t go into that cabin. That cabin of course was mine to stay in. I ignored her. I got to my cabin, the boat now gone and I opened the door.

The room I had opened to was a dark dismal looking room with a TV, curtains around a window, a closet, and a light tan color bed with the sheets pulled up high. I put my bags down next to me in confusion and slowly pulled the sheets off the bed. I had uncovered an old dead man with a disfigured face and ripped yellowish fingernails. I think I screamed and then I woke up. The first time I had this dream it was the same until after I found the dead man under the sheets. There was also an old dead woman behind the curtains and another old dead man in the closet.


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