Deeper Blues & Darker Reds

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I had this dream a month ago , me , my best , my cousin , and my grandma , I dont know why my grandma was there , but we were all out in the middle of the ocean we all had our own rafts , my raft was the only one with a peice of ply wood strapped to the bottom of it , my cousin yelled over to me and said "yeah ! that will protect you from a jelly fish or two". I said "fuck that dude , I'm thinking more along the lines of protection from a shark , not a second later after I said that , a great white shark came up from the dark abyss ripping my raft to shreds slinging me off into the water I by the time I reached the surface nothing was left everyone was gone and all the rafts were ripped to debris , and before i knew it I was being dragged to the depths by my leg I couldnt move "I just remember seeing the water around me turn red up untilmy whole sight turned a deeper red blocking outthe images of the shark eating me . its justthe entire time i was being eatenI found it completely terrifying yet peaceful …


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