The Devil Is Out to Get Me Somehow!

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First of all, it took some doing on my part in finding a place to write these dreams down, so thanks for having this site!

Now, I had three dreams in one night and woke up pouring wit tears and my heart pounding. The first was a drug dream, I guess, because of my past drug use. I’ve had them before but I have never actually got high in the dream. I mean I just had them on my person. That was truly an eye opener because I’m not currently using.

The second dream (same night) was in a car. I was in the back seat watching my cousin driving in front of me in another vehicle, slamming into other cars and dividers and stuff and then I was yelling her name. Suddenly she was driving the car I was in! Not paying attention because she was looking at the first car she was driving like me and we were about to slam head on into the back of a yellow truck, (flat bed) then I woke up screaming and crying.

Last but certainly not least I eventually fell back asleep and dreamed of a two-headed white dog that knocked me to the ground and he wanted to have sex with me! I was crying and begging it to get off or for someone to get him off but nobody would help me. The owner was saying he had never seen his dog in so much heat and that he wanted me bad. It tried putting its tongue in my mouth and the other one had his open mouth around my throat. I felt his scrotum in the middle of my foot and felt like it had spikes that pricked me so I squeezed his nose hard and he looked at me with intense anger in his eyes. I pleaded sorry then I woke up saying sorry, sorry and bawling with tears.


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