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The Dimensions of Dreams

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Many people associate dream interpretation with astrology, believing that the information we have in dream messages cannot be taken seriously. Other people respect the information given by astrology because they believe in metaphysical phenomena. They also believe that our dreams have a magic power.

The truth is that our dreams have many dimensions. Only Carl Jung managed to decipher the hidden meaning of dreams by discovering the unconscious logic. The unconscious mind that produces our dreams works like a natural doctor. At the same time, it gives us information about the external reality and the future. We can learn why somebody had to die, or how we can prevent our premature death.

The unconscious mind has a divine origin because it is characterized by sanctity. Its superiority proves the existence of God. Therefore, metaphysical phenomena are real, even if the scientific community is not able to find logical explanations and evidences that could justify their existence.

On the other hand, even when much evidence and proof is found, there are many people in our world who don’t want to let us learn the truth as it is. Otherwise, we wouldn’t believe in their lies. Unfortunately, we live in a world governed by violence, immorality, and greed. There is no real justice on Earth.

This is why many scientific discoveries already carried on in the past, which give serious proof to the world about the veracity of many unexplained phenomena, remain ignored by the majority of our population. We still believe in many misleading theories and false discoveries, while we could have learned the truth a long time ago. This happens because the interests of the big companies that rule our world are more important than anything else. They are our leaders.

This is why our planet is being destroyed by many pollutions, while all scientists keep warning the indifferent population. Nobody really cares about saving Mother Nature. Even more indifferent to this destruction are the big factories that cause many damages to our environment by killing animals and plants with their toxic essences.

We live in a world of hypocrites. Therefore, we can hardly discover the real truth about anything. Depending on political, financial, or personal interests, the truth will be hidden, or distorted before our eyes.

If you want to discover the true meaning of life, the meaning of death, and many other mysteries, you have to learn the symbolic dream language. The wise unconscious mind that produces your dreams is not a liar like selfish human beings. It is going to show you the entire truth about everything. You’ll be able to verify how true my statement is, having many real proofs in your daily life.

You only have to write down your dreams and translate them according to the scientific method of dream interpretation in order to discover the power of the dream messages. You’ll be surprised with everything that you’ll discover about your psychological content, and about the entire world.

Your dreams have many dimensions and many applications. Their wisdom will cure your mind and your body, helping you attain spiritual perfection. You’ll then help many other people with your work. The superiority of your unique personality will comfort and inspire everyone.


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