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Discovering Hidden Truths

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I was blessed with the opportunity to find peace and sound mental health through dream translation when I was neurotic. My neurosis would surely become schizophrenia because I had inherited too much absurdity in the wild side of my conscience. I had many warnings in my dreams, and in my own literary works.

When I learned how to interpret the meaning of dreams according to Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation I discovered many dream symbols in the literary book I wrote after suffering from a car accident. By translating the symbolic meaning of this book, entitled The Philanthropic Beggar, I understood that I could easily become schizophrenic like my father. This book was written in Portuguese; it was never published. I began writing it when I was sixteen years old and living in Brazil. I kept writing it during my six months trip to the United States, and I finally finished writing it in Greece, when I was twenty-one years old and still unmarried.

I was twenty-eight years old when I analyzed the symbolism of this book, and I had this vision. Thus, I accepted to unconditionally follow the unconscious mind that produces our dreams and gives us religious and artistic talents. My obedience to the unconscious wisdom saved me from terror.

You must obey the unconscious wisdom with the same sense of responsibility I had, even if you are not neurotic like I was. You need psychotherapy too.

The unconscious mind speaks with images; always trying to awaken our sensitivity. We are basically cruel monsters who possess only a tiny human conscience, which is one-sided and underdeveloped.

Sensitivity is what gives mental stability to a live conscience. We believe that mental stability is based on rationalism. However, rationalism alone leads us to absurdity. Without sensitivity we can only make barbarous mistakes. Unfortunately, this is what happens in our culture.

This is why our world is ruled by terror and violence, while this truth is camouflaged by superficiality and indifference. Nobody really cares about justice on Earth. Justice is only a game played by lawyers, who are paid to prove or hide from the court whatever their customers may desire. Money is everyone’s god. There is nothing but lies in our system.

When we learn how to translate the meaning of dreams with the proper method, the unconscious mind employs many dream symbols to show us everything that we don’t want to admit.

We are rational animals without feelings. This is why we provoke wars, and we commit crimes. We are hypocrites who dance and laugh while others die because of our indifference to their pain. We don’t understand our own mistakes because we don’t admit our selfishness.

However, only when we recognize our own absurdity, can we learn how to be sensitive and sensible.

I discovered these hidden truths because I continued Jung’s research. Then, I simplified his complicated method of dream interpretation and cured numerous people though dream therapy. Thanks to this simplification, you can easily learn what I took nineteen years to completely understand.


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