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DNA: Consciousness to Unconsciousness Memory

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The topic of my abstract deals with the possibility of consciousness being thought of as a gene being passed down from one generation to another from as far back as the brain could record. Thinking of the brain like a hard drive on a computer purchased from a local store has the operating system and other software pre-loaded. If we convert the methodology of the way data is stored on a hard drive using electricity to the brain, which uses electro-chemical stimulus, could though DNA our brain be pre-loaded with memories which are just as real as the genetic characteristics that are passed down from generation to generation in the form of our say appearance. What if this memory is so repressed that in our sub-conscious they exist and are triggered by an event, a smell, an impulse, which stimulates what data is stored in our sub-conscious, which then becomes for an instance real in our conscious if for just a split second or a lifetime.

Can the ability of a conscious person be unable to distinguish between the two and dreams/nightmares become reality. What if a person whom a normal person may seem insane be perfectly normal within the range of normalcy but in reality be stuck in time, which has crossed from your unconscious to conscious just like updating an application on your computer. In reality we as human beings design objects which we know and understand such as hard drive—brain. It’s a mechanical version of how we think our brain functioned when the hard drive was designed. It is continually evolving, so is our brain. It has bad sectors, it has data which can be recovered which was thought to have been erased, and it has data which can be altered … is our brain any different. Is DNA part of the operating system which is passed from one generation when formed and is passed on from one generation at conception, this is the premise which I am conveying as a theory.

Try to feel, if you can, your consciousness as a gene, a trait that is handed down from generation to generation, parents to child. You can observe specific family traits by just looking two or three generations back. Try looking at the conscious memory back to the beginning of time when thought became a process. These family traits are part of your DNA structure that makes you who you are. By understanding the makeup of this gene it could allow you to unknowingly open up your unconsciousness state to a consciousness one, and see and feel the light of something unknown. Through this you could have the ability to experience and see many things, which may never have been visible before. Consciousness is as unique as your fingerprint, but at the same time may have been shared between souls who have crossed paths generations long past.

Certain things may have happened in ones lifetime, which brings me to ask this question:

What has caused someone to see, feel, smell, and think differently than other people? Things which could not be explained, visions of something maybe from a past that are uncertain. Seeing things clear enough to feel as if one had been there, knowing that one was not. Touching things which could not have been there, but feeling it with ones own two hands as something tangible. Feeling the suffering or pain of someone through a simple touch, or gaining a full understanding of someone through a glimpse of the spirit in their eyes. The feeling of déjà vue is phenomena when experienced is explained using this theory. Could multiple people have shared a similar past with the same DNA signal and at that moment be like two elements which send a signal when crossed. Seeing something physical one minute and then have it vanish into thin air, not being able to focus enough to keep them there long enough to hear or see what they wanted someone to experience. Sometimes one may experience the same things over and over again, like a will to see this until it is right! I am not speaking of ghosts or aberrations, but its something deeply embedded in ones conscience, which is like a never-ending movie. There may be something which may have been locked in the collective consciousness of someone in a past just waiting to be unlocked or triggered at a specific moment, smell or some other chemical-electrical change. It seems like a hallucination or vivid dream superimposing itself in a reality, which is perceived to be real. Having traces of an image which reappears itself in real time, but is part of ones unconsciousness that has just passed from unconsciousness to consciousness. It’s somewhat like the makeup of your eyes or the shape of your nose being in part of the inherited brain structure.

Touched people may have always felt something warm inside their heart and soul, feeling the pain and suffering of everything around them, along with the joys of life. For lack of any better way say it; this has been an enlightenment of ones consciousness and parts of their unconsciousness moving from the past to the present, guiding my future. Religions have focused on understanding that which is unconscious to gain insight on the here and now for centuries.

One may find some method through solitude or silence, like meditation to have opened a portal in ones mind to allow them to look deeply into ones conscience, giving that person a deeper understanding of who they are. Even though consciousness and unconsciousness are two distinct things, they continually flow from one to the other. In the back of ones mind there was always something different in the way something is viewed or interpreted in what they saw and one starts to look closer trying to establish patterns and connected thoughts. There are things which one may have experienced which one could not have set in motion… it happened as if being guided by some other forces. Being at the right place at the right time and to experience something good or bad has enlightened one towards something they may not have ever experienced before. 0r meeting someone who by chance would change your life forever … that type of meeting cannot be explained by any traditional explanations.

Everyone has this ability to be open to it, recognize it, and understand it by opening up their mind and closing their eyes and having conscious thought in being able to distinguish between the portals of thought. The Buddhist religion and others like it, share many of the beliefs that enable you to tap into the conscience of past memories. Meditation is a practice that allows you to search through your memories as if they were road maps from one generation to another. Intuition, I think, is based on the use of these collective consciousness/unconsciousness memories to make a rational decision. Faith, superstition, or other strong-feelings give the unconsciousness a value, whether it is good or bad. Do your dreams occur in your sleep or can you be awake? Or are they repressed images we have which can become unrepressed and have some deeper appreciation to the meaning of what you are feeling? Is there a fine line between the two states of mind? By repressing one you may only repress the other and your unconsciousness may jump out at you and seem very real… but it may only be within the confines of your mind. Does that mean it isn’t real or a nightmare? I am not sure.

Our brain being no different from any other organ in our body is made up from the DNA, which is used to pass information from our parents to ourselves. Our DNA passed defects and deceases, features and patterns from one generation to another so would it be possible within the DNA structure to exist the chemical and electrical information that builds our brain and loads it with data. Images of the past which may or may not be conscious to us unless it is triggered by some event or maybe by that person itself. Just as the electrical charges, which store data on a microchip, the chemical or electrical intersections which store memories be stored within our DNA and copied from one generation to another to another. What we are learning about DNA can enlighten ourselves to view our conscience just like we can view the color of our eyes or shape of our nose and relate them back to an ancestor in our past.. It can give credence to any feeling, images, experiences which are unexplained phenomena from our past, which just happened to be contained within the DNA when then unconscious memories pass through the membrane of unconsciousness to consciousness, if just for a moment. Is DNA part of the operating system which is passed from one generation when formed and is passed on from one generation at conception, this is the premise which I am conveying as a theory. 



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