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Do Dreams Have Meaning?

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The reason why so many people in our world think that dreams have no meaning is mainly the fact that they have never cared about their dreams, by writing them down.

Even without knowing how to exactly translate their meaning we can observe that our dreams follow a certain logic, and verify that there is an intention behind their incomprehensible images when we write them down, paying attention to their content.

Especially when we observe the repetition of the same dream scenes, we have visible proof that the dream images are not a product of chance, otherwise the insistence on their reproduction could not be explained.

Why would our organism waste so much energy, producing so many dream images, and insist on repeating them, if they had no meaning or importance?

The truth is that our dreams are produced by the organ that regulates the functionalism of our organism: the wise unconscious mind.

It uses people, places and objects of our daily lives in order to send secret messages to the human side of our conscience, and this is why they have a symbolic meaning in our dreams. We cannot interpret them based on the logic of our conscience; we have to follow the unconscious logic.

However, since many people ignore the mechanism of dreams and their purpose, they think that those who try to discover the meaning of dreams simply create connections that don’t exist.

If they would care about learning the dream language according to the scientific method of dream interpretation, they would discover that they can have a direct communication with the wise unconscious mind that produces their dreams, and answers all their questions through dream messages.

This way they would have practical proofs of the efficiency of the scientific translation, which deciphers the meaning given to our dreams by the dream author: the unconscious mind, without distorting its messages with suppositions and opinions, like all ignorant dream interpreters do.

If the value of the dream messages is so despised today, even by serious scientists, this is because those who have distorted the real meaning of dreams, specifically the impostors, gave them the impression that dream interpretation is pure stupidity.

The ridiculous suppositions of all impostors who only pretend to be translating dreams are stupid; not the real meaning of the wise dream messages, which work like psychotherapy for our human conscience, helping us successfully solve all the problems of our lives.

When mankind surpasses its prejudice against the importance of dreams, and pays serious attention to their meaning, everyone will understand that the scientific method of dream interpretation gives them the key for the comprehension of the dream language, and that once they learn it, they have only advantages in life, since they acquire a superior vision, and many superior powers, especially thanks to future predictions that give them the possibility to change the future development of reality, preventing diseases, mental illnesses, tragic accidents and premature deaths.


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