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Do Your Dreams Connect to Your Life?

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Mae was sitting on the bed across from me, telling me vividly about a fair she attended in a dream the previous night. She seemed worried about the meaning of the large swimming pool inscribed with words, and the crowds of people flocking around the television in the hotel room, and the boy who wouldn’t stop staring at her while in line for the carnival game.

These weird dreams aren’t just a jumble of senses in your head while slumbering: they are your brain’s interpretations of events that have happened, are happening, or are to happen. The pool scene in Mae’s dream was sure to mean something, just as the staring boy was. But does anyone really know what they really meant?

I have tried many, many times to interpret my own dreams with inevitable success. I have seen problems that my brain was trying to tell me. I thought that I could handle the same with someone else’s dreams.

So that summer, I was at a resident summer camp with two other girls in a tent. When we all woke up one morning, I asked Mae (Skittles) if she had had any dreams that night. She nodded yes and started right in telling me about a troubled attendance at the pool (that we both know well, as it so happens) in her dream. I don’t remember the exact plot of it, but it seemed to me that her mind was changing topics very frequently, telling her the same messages night after night in her dreams. She thought very highly of herself; her dreams showed that. She also was unaware of a guy friend that had a liking towards her, and she found out, after the camp session ended, that he did, in fact, like her.

Now, I don’t proclaim myself as a Joseph with a Technicolored coat of dreams. But I could interpret Mae’s dreams the easiest. My friend Anna was the other girl in the tent. She told me one of her recurring dreams about her pet dog. The dog’s nose was burning and red, like a hot coal, and Anna knew that she was sick in the dream. The dog was there with her at camp, and then the dog ran up into the forest, and try as she might, Anna couldn’t find her pet. She eventually could see her dog, hurt and whimpering, coming back down from the rocks. Anna then realized that her dog had some serious internal problems.

When Anna finished telling me her dream, I felt very empathetic towards the dog, and how Anna felt about it. But I told her what I thought it meant anyway. I told her that her dog probably has some nasal, intestinal, and/or internal problems that have just gone amiss. Turns out, Anna’s dog did have some kind of small, mild sickness that slightly impaired her immune system. It was early summer, and her dog had mild … for lack of a better word, allergies, to newly blooming trees.

But how can YOU figure out what your puzzling dreams mean? You can try taking your dreams’ advice. If all your car tires pop in your dream, maybe it’s time to rotate them. When you try to speak in your dream, and you can’t, maybe you should consider some lozenges or getting your throat checked.
I once had a dream where all my books were falling down a waterfall. The next morning I awoke to find that my cat had knocked over a huge stack of books from my bookcase.
Well, I sure hope that you can interpret your dreams more easily from now on. Observe and listen to what your dreams say and look like, and you may find a deeper way of figuring.


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