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A Dream

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I had an interesting dream the other night – well, frankly, it was a little disturbing…

I was at my bedroom window and the shade was drawn. When I lifted it I came face-to-face with a black-faced goat. Its body was light (white/ivory) and the horns were those tall, spiral kind with lines running horizontally. He didn’t move: just peered steadily at me. 

In the dream I got frightened and ran downstairs for a closer look. When I went outside the house, the goat wasn’t a goat any longer but a mountain lion – and he was coming at me…very slowly. I froze with fear and heard myself calling out to those around me “Don’t move!” As he approached, he didn’t seem to be focusing on me but when he did look it was subtly, using peripheral vision. He glided by me and continued away. There was no feeling of a threat.

Can anyone tell me what this means? The “look” of that goat seemed to suggest you-know-who and that’s the thing that probably frightened me most.

Many thanks.


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