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A Dream

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I had a dream that lasted for one week and it was like a storybook—it started with the first page and then the second page each day. It scared the living day light’s out of me but it kept up every night and I remember that it was so clear, but  it still wasn’t letting me know where it was going. So each night the dreams kept turning the page until it stopped on the sixth day and it was over. I kept wondering what it meant. Then four weeks later on the Fourth of July, I went down to get a seventy-six cent of butter and then it happened—the dream became a reality. Before everything happened I heard a voice saying, “You will be okay.” The dream that I was having for a week really turned into the real thing, just as I saw it in my dream. And to this day I still remember what happened and how it happened, every step of it. And yes, I was okay at the end of it.
And here is what the dream was, page by page of each night. Each night it would start from the beginning to the end of the dream and start all over again the next night, adding a new page to the dream until the sixth night … it was like seeing a book in my dreams, beginning to the end and that was it. Left me with a lot of wondering that is for sure.

Here it is:
Coming up to a intersection, I look both ways as I always do, but didn’t see a thing so I continued on and I saw a flash to my left. At that moment I hit the brakes hard not knowing what it was or what I saw, all I knew was just to slam on the brakes hard. Then at that moment I heard a loud soft but firm voice say, “You will be okay.” Then I just relaxed hearing the tire’s screaming and my head rose up and hit the sun visor. I remember the steering wheel, a loud sound of a crunch, and it was over that fast. I saw all of this in my dream just as it happened and as I was sitting there it all hit me what that dream was telling me. Now that is one dream that I will never ever forget, but I sure was wondering what it meant at that time.

I have had other’s too but not so dramatic as this one was :). 


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