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The Dream

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I had this dream where my mom, two brothers, my sister, and I were walking back home when I saw the twin towers and another building on fire. I asked them if they were seeing it like I was, and when they said no, the wind started to blow and brought the smell and the smoke towards us. The sky went dark and though my mom couldn't see it, she told us to run home. My sister was the first one to start running though she acted like it was a game. I was the first one to get to the door and go inside. My dad, who also saw it, was exceptionally calm as I was, but told everyone to stay inside. I turn the corner to hear a low grumbling noise and what sounded like a flash. I turn back and ask my mom if she is okay. My mom turns to face me and her face and hands are burned. My sister's hands and face are burned also. My mom looks to me as if she actually believes me now and my sister looks around not knowing what happened. Afterwards, I woke up. The image of the twin towers and the other building on fire is still fresh in my mind. It’s been three days since I have had the dream.


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