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A Dream About the End of the World

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I had a dream last night that I was waiting for my friend’s mom to give me a ride somewhere. We were driving down the road and all of a sudden there was a meteor shower in the sky. I was freaking out in my dream because I kept thinking it was the end of the world. Then I looked in the rear view mirror and there were comets and asteroids hitting earth and one swooped by the car window and crashed in front of us but we did not get hurt. Then we were about to drive over this bridge and an asteroid was really close behind us about to hit us and I jumped out of the car.

Then all of a sudden I jumped in this fort thingy with my son whose only one but he was three in my dream. I looked out the window and the sky kept getting dark and light and I saw a solar eclipse. After the solar eclipse I saw a lunar eclipse. I started crying and tears were pouring down my face as I kept saying, “I love my son so much he is too young to die. Please lord save us from our sins.” My son is wiping the tears away from my face with his thumbs saying, “Mommy it’s going to be ok … it’s going to be ok.” He disappeared. I started crying looking out the window and all four corners of the sky were purple, blue, black, and pink.

I was trying to tell this guy next to me, “It’s the end of time. God has judged us all and I can’t be with my son.” But as I’m saying it, the words aren’t coming out; I’m speechless. Then all of sudden there is a white flash that comes from the left and I’m sitting in this car and there are all these bad people outside doing bad things. These people were sitting in the car with me decided to leave the car and once they got outside they started scratching and itching there bodies all over and it was very hot outside. I sat in the car crying because God judged me and didn’t find me worthy enough to be in heaven with him and my son.

All these people who were outside the car kept trying to attack me. Then all of a sudden I’m walking through this grass which was not green. It was as if the grass was dead and I knew at that point I had to be dead. I seen a little house or cottage sitting a few yards from me so I started walking towards it and I see this little creek with my family by it and my son and nephew were playing. They all smiled at me and I felt so happy. Then I saw a woman hugging her father because she was happy to see him again. It almost felt like it was the afterlife but nothing was pretty and beautiful the grass was dead and the sky was gray.


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