Dream About Getting Out Of Jail? Very Real But Fake Dream

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Hi. I’m confused about this, and I’ve been having a lot of weird dreams. It started in this abandoned house that I’ve never seen, but in my dream, I felt like I’ve been there before. While my ex and I were looking around the house, something happened. I’m not sure what, but I ended up going to jail for a long time. I don’t remember what happened but in my dream I (while dreaming) recall her getting killed and me killing someone. Then the dream went straight to me getting out—not going through the process but just being in the jail parking lot with one of my best friends.

The truck that I just bought in real life was there and for that moment, the ex that got killed in my dream was there. She was in the truck; we talked about me not driving for forty years. She and my friend looked just like they do now. When I got to where I was staying (where it felt like I was staying) at my friend’s house. It ended up being the same house, only now it was nice and in a big city, three or four floors up.

My friend and his girl were the same. I remember being so down and not knowing what to do. The other weird part were the drugs in the dream. The only thing I did was coke. And it was the first thing I did when I walked into the house. I’ve been clean off that shit four years. Will never go back. After that, a guy popped in the dream. Have no idea who he was but it felt like I’ve known him forever. Life was so different but stayed the same. I can’t find anything anywhere about this dream. It’s like a mix of emotions filled with guilt, happiness, sadness, and other shit. It’s kinda driving me crazy. I’ve never had a dream like this. None of the dream took place in jail or court or even cops. It’s like I blacked out from the abandoned house until the parking lot of the jail. Never seen any of these places before not even the house. But yet I felt at home. I’m confused. I felt so many emotions in this dream. Can anyone help me figure this out? Please and try.


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