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Dream About Grandson

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Well this is my first time here, but I was so puzzled by this dream that I came here. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom, but it had an extra hallway before I could come out of my room. There were two white double doors leading out, but I was just standing there against the wall facing another room. And it look to be a den or office, I didn’t go into the room. But just then my almost two-year-old grandson comes walking out. He has his fist balled up, and his eyes are evil looking. And his face is light purple, and he is looking at me evil; he has a knife stabbed into his chest like he did it himself. And I’m like OMG, Braxtyin, that’s his name. He walks up, I don’t pull the knife out, or touch it, because I was going to open the door and get help but, he grabbed the door knobs like he didn’t want me to open them, and I was trying to wrestle with him. He kept trying to put his hands in my mouth, which had blood on them from his wound, and he was smiling. I could taste the blood on his hands, and when I woke I still could. This is really scary and I don’t know what to make of it.


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