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A year ago I ended a sixteen-year job due to an ill-tempered boss.  Don’t get me wrong, he had his good moments, and I truly enjoyed working for him during the “good” days.  Every day I started wondering “is he going to be in a good mood today?”  I finally got fed up with his temper and left.  Even after getting a job I am more than happy with, I continually dream of him, but in these dreams he is nice and usually apologetic towards me.  Last night, my dream had me in an office setting, with my ex boss displaying his anger to those around him.  I was seated at my desk, and he was coming towards me.  I was afraid it was my turn to get yelled at, and he walked behind my desk, stuck his head into the door way behind me and started to reprimand the person in that room, all the while he was tickling the back of my neck by my hairline. 

I woke up very unnerved.  I know it’s probably a deep-seated desire to think he regrets how he treated me, but I wish I could just move on.  What do you all think?


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