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Dream Catcher

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It was dusk. I was next to the seashore on a one-way trail. I was in old-fashioned clothes that looked as if I was from the 1800s.

A man on a horse said, “Put your hand out, don’t be scared.” I was scared, but did it anyways.

The black wolf smelled me up and down, and I was shocked when he became sweet and leaned his forehead on mine. I felt as if I were paralyzed. I couldn’t move my body, but my spirit still moved. Then it happened—he shared a vision with me.

The ground split in half ,the sea began to drop, and it was all falling—but never hitting the ground.

Then I opened my eyes, and the wolf look at me like if he were looking into my soul.

The man said “Now that you have shared a vision, we must go.”

I looked at where the black wolf stood, but there was nothing there. There was a feeling that I was being trusted by spirits to save them from something no one knows about.

So I got on the horse to see what it was. I have a friend—well, not just a friend, my best friend—Damon, he was the man on the horse. He is known for being there for me.

We have never met, but we are best friends on Twitter, and he always makes sure that we talk every day. He’s a good friend, so that’s why I think he was there. He’s like my guardian.

Then I woke up, and it felt like the black wolf was watching me. I looked up some information, and found out that many of things that happened in my dream meant that I have a purpose in the word to help others. I’m still trying to see what the black wolf meant…

He’s still in my dreams—I have not stopped dreaming about the black wolf.

Like a dream catcher.  


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