Dream Interpretation

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I have read countless books on the subject of dream interpretation. Something that most dream interpretations miss is that each symbol means something different to each individual. Something else that is completely missed is the possibility that a dream is an actual out of body experience. Dreams that you are naked can be just that. 

Each dream has to be interpreted by the individual according to what is happening in his or her life at the time and what those things mean to them. Some dreams are our subconscious mind communicating with our conscious mind. Other dreams are spiritual, meaning that the spirit world communicates with us through our dreams. Other dreams are out of body. We leave our body floating up and out into the spiritual world, sometimes aware and other times just drifting. Very few of us are aware and able to control ourselves during dreams but it can be accomplished by learning to have lucid dreams, which means we are aware we are dreaming while in the dream state. The first thing you have to do when analyzing your dream is figure out which type of dream did you have. 

For example, if you have a dream that you are naked, is it your subconscious mind telling us we are in a vulnerable situation or is it an out of body experience? People ask me what their dreams mean all the time. In order to answer the question I tell them to write it down. Then underline the words that are significant like this: I was walking down the beach when I saw a big dog. Then I ask them how it felt when they were walking down the beach. Did you feel the breeze on your face? Did it feel like you were really there or was it surreal? Then I find out what the beach and the dog mean to them. The last thing I ask them is what are their most important concerns right now. Is there anything bothering them. 

All these things go into an interpretation and no two people’s dreams mean the same thing even if they dream the same thing. So when you look at a book that tells you what the symbols in your dream mean, take it lightly because it may not be the same for you.


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