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Dream Interpretation and Organization

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When you remember your dreams you think that they are a collection of images without a real meaning. Perhaps they are the reflection of your own emotions, something that cannot be understood.

No, they are nothing of the above. Your dreams are produced by the unconscious mind which is wise and saintly. In other words a brain far superior from the human brain, that is constantly helping you through dream messages.

Your dreams have a meaning and when you learn the dream language and you are able to understand it, you will recognize that the messages of the unconscious mind are very important and real, because you’ll have information about your psychic world and about your daily life.

So, you’ll know that the translation of your dreams is really accurate, since you’ll observe that the unconscious mind shows you in your dreams things that only you know. The unconscious mind knows everything about you too, because it is your natural doctor.

This is really amazing! For so many years the entire humanity tried to decipher the mysterious meaning of dreams, if there was really any meaning on them, and only now, in our century, the most perfect translation is able to reveal the intention of the unconscious mind completely.

I transformed a long and complicated dream interpretation into a fast, clear and objective dream translation, thanks to which you see immediately the positive results of your occupation with the meaning of your dreams. However, the honor for the discovery of the correct code for the translation of the dream messages belongs to the psychiatrist Carl Jung. He discovered everything, and I found his method ready.

I simply followed precisely his steps, discovering much more after continuing his research from the point he had abandoned it. This is why I could simplify so much Jung’s complicated method.

He was afraid of everything, because he ignored more than what he had discovered. His vision was too limited.

For me who continued his research, everything became clear. This is why my method is very well organized.

I teach you how to exactly translate the meaning of your dreams by showing you how to organize a dream.

When you’ll see a confusing dream that seems not to have any logical sequence, you will be able to understand it immediately, because thanks to the dream organization, you are able to:

1. Find immediately the most important dream symbols in any dream.

2. Understand the main subject of the dream only by translating the main dream symbols, which are the same for all dreamers. These are the archetypes, which appear in all civilizations, and in all times of human history, without changing. These symbols have always the same meaning and they give you basic guidance.

3. Understand the type of the dream.

Besides recurring dreams and nightmares, which are quite known types of dreams, there are also:

a. Specific dreams that give you objective information about the person you love

b. Dreams that give you objective information about dead people

c. Dreams that give you information about your psychic world

d. Dreams containing predictions and warnings

Thanks to the dream organization you can easily understand the meaning of your dreams, and especially the meaning of other people’s dreams, because you are not attached personally with the dream images, while you have certain difficulty on seeing your personal objects and the people you live with as dream symbols only.

Other people’s dreams for you are simply a collection of images that you must translate into words. This is exactly what you do with the scientific dream translation.

However, when you see your friends and your own house in your dreams, you cannot look at them as parts of your personality and your own psyche ... You have to exercise until you learn how to look at everything that appears in your dreams simply as a dream symbol.

The dream organization goes further, but I already gave you an idea about how easily you’ll be able to understand the meaning of your dreams with my dynamic method, derived from the method discovered by Carl Jung.

This is how you are going to find your mental health if you are depressed or feeling that you are losing your mental stability, besides solving all the other problems of your life.

The unconscious mind is a very generous doctor and teacher that shows you how to make money, how to make friends, how to cook, how to change your behavior, how to pay attention to all the details of the reality where you are, and many things more, because it is your protector.

You only have to learn the dream language in order to be able to understand the free psychotherapy and guidance you receive everyday in your own dreams!

Wouldn’t you study certain foreign language if you knew that you would have free private psychotherapy and wise guidance for the rest of your life from certain psychologist that speaks only this language?


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