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Dream Man

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I have a dream lover. Actually he is a lot more than that. We do a lot of things in my dreams. We travel to distant lands. We visit relatives. We get engaged and marry. I have been able to confirm a lot of the information that I receive. Like when we spent time in Alaska. The town did exist. Although I have never been to Alaskan real time, I feel as if it did really happen. I have his name and what he does for a living. I know about where he lives in this country. He is sometimes in my dreams night after night. Then he does not come back for months or years. When he does come back it is as if nothing has changed. We just pick up where we left off. We have traveled to Egypt and the Great Wall of China. He talks about what he does for a living. How he has hired security. I have hired and fired help in dreams when reality I have applied for the position I was trying to fill in dream time.

I know his first and last name. I know what part of the country he lives in. So I wait. I wait for this wonderful, sensitive, man to knock on my door. Until then my live goes on. Does anyone else out there have dreams like this? It has been going on for over ten years.


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