Dream Needs Interpretation

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This dream woke me during the night, and at first awakening, I felt the importance of this dream and could remember contemplating the meaning of this dream. At the time, I remembered the entire dream. As I got up this morning, I only remember the last of the dream but feel it was the intended message of the dream. I need help defining the meaning of this part of the dream.

The whole dream was centered around a black crow, but the only detail I recall is at the end. I felt the domination of this crow while I was seemingly trying to fight it off and suddenly it was in my face with its open beak trying to cover my mouth and I could physically taste its foul/offensive breath. The bad breath of the crow left a very bad taste in my mouth. I seemed to gag a little from this, which woke me up.

Hope someone can help with this interpretation. Thanks.


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