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Dream Symbols - Snakes in Dreams

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Carl Jung discovered the right method of dream interpretation and I continued his research in the unknown region of the human psyche by using his method, and discovering more.

The unconscious mind speaks through images and scenes, showing you a representation of what is happening now in your life and what could happen in the future.

When you learn the dream language, all the images that once seemed disorganized start having a meaning. You’ll discover the connection between the dream symbols and understand the unconscious logic. Then all dream images will make sense for you.

For example, the snake is one of the most important dream symbols. It represents the salvation that comes from divine providence. It indicates that a tragic event will happen to the dreamer in order to prevent him or her from repeating the mistakes that lead to tragic consequences.

Let’s suppose that the dreamer has stolen money from someone. He sees a snake in a dream. The next day his robbery is discovered, and he suffers greatly from this event. However, after this tragic experience he will never dare to steal anything from anyone again.

When you see a snake in a dream you’ll know that it indicates that a painful situation will put an end to a grave mistake, in order to help you find peace and mental health.

However, if you regularly analyze your own dreams and act upon the wisdom of the unconscious mind, you will be able to avoid any painful situation. This means that the snake in your dreams will only be a warning, and you won’t have to pass through tragic experiences to stop doing what is negative and destructive for you.

I have simplified Carl Jung’s method of dream interpretation, transforming it into a fast method of dream translation from images into words that you’ll easily learn.

The fact that Carl Jung managed to discover the right way to translate the meaning of dreams has to be recognized by everyone. He discovered something that humanity tried to discover throughout history, yet many people deny giving him the merit he deserves.

He proved to the scientific world that his translations were accurate thanks to the communication that the dreamer has with the unconscious mind when following his method. Besides that, all dreamers see common dream symbols found in all dreams, verifying how true the translation of their symbolism is.

However, Jung’s method is too complicated and quite obscure. This is why only a few people in our world could follow it and discover its value.

Thanks to my simplification, his work has received the value it deserves. Today everyone can immediately learn what took his students two years to understand.

Now, you can prevent all mental illnesses beforehand, the same way that you can be cured through dream therapy if you already suffer from a mental illness.

Care about the meaning of your dreams the same way you care about your own existence. Their messages are always helping you evolve, by showing you how to be wise and truly happy in your life.


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