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A Dream Women Fear

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This afternoon I settled down for a nap. I drifted into a nice calm sleep ... until I felt like I was pinned down by something or someone. It seemed so real, like I could not wake up. Something was touching me and I did not like the way it was doing this and I struggled to wake up. Then I felt like something was bonded around my mouth, and my feet felt like something was holding them and clenched harder as I tried to wake up. This was not the first time something like this happened as I was sleeping.

Another incident was like someone was sitting on my chest and was moving me to the right. I felt threatened by this; I have no clue if this is something to come, but I’m really bothered by it. My boyfriend is confused because, really, what am I left to think? It’s very scary for any woman to dream about.

And yet I’m confused because I have never seen a face, just a shadow, and it seems too real. Whatever it is, I hope it goes away and leaves me alone because I cannot help but to feel insecure. Am I going crazy?


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