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Dreaming of frienemies...

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Have you ever had an acquaintance who showed you a friendly side only to be mean to you behind your back? I think almost everyone has had that experience at least once. You think of this person as nice and, after being proven otherwise, you don't really appreciate them as much anymore. So, what happens if the subconscious presents this person as a good guy in your dreams? What if, in your dream, they bring you together with a special somebody, even if you don't know that special one? What does that mean?
Here is the thing: I've been dreaming lately that this girl I've known for years (who just happens to be my frienemy) was supposed to go on a trip with her boyfriend (in my dream it definitely is NOT her real boyfriend. It isn't the same guy), but something came up and she insisted that I go in her place, without him knowing. In my dream, she even helps me pack my suitcases. So, I meet up with her boyfriend (who, again, is NOTHING like her real boyfriend) and on the plane we talk and talk and talk... And I feel as if I know that guy, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen him in my life. When we finally get back on the ground, my frienemy calls me on my cell phone and tells me she wants us both to be happy together and that we should enjoy our time together. That's always the part where I wake up.
So, could it be that she unconsciously tries to tell me she's sorry and my subconscious understands her? Or could it be anything else? Can anyone contribute any insight or interpretation? I'd really appreciate it. :)


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