Dreaming I Was Dreaming

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I had a nap during the middle of the afternoon and was dreaming that I was dreaming that my ex-husband and I were divorced (and every single detail of our house was exactly as it is now). So I forced myself to wake up from this nightmare and I woke up, but really I was just waking from the dream. I was dreaming that I was dreaming so I was awake, but thinking that I was really awake from any dream world I thought I was awake in this world now, reality, and I ran to my ex-husband and said “Honey, I just had the worst nightmare that we were divorced,” and we were still happily married so I went to go lie down and fell asleep again and started the same nightmare and tried as I did the last time to wake myself and couldn’t. Suddenly I opened my eyes to this unexplainable feeling of silence and aloneness and fear, and in front was like a porthole; like it felt as if I was about to cross over but what was going through my head was, “OMG, I’m done.” I couldn’t turn back all I saw was that weird static-looking door, like a different dimension so I really thought I was dead in real life. I thought I had woke from dreaming so I thought I had just fell asleep one time. I didn’t go through that static water wall it was really bright, too white bright, but then I woke up into this world I was so freaked out I ran to my ex-husband as I did in the dream. I was dreaming in my dream, and told him and the feeling. I don’t know how to understand about really feeling I had left everyone for good without saying bye and I love them. So I don’t know what all of it means. But it seemed as if I was able to be in my same life now just a different outcome. Please help …


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