Dreamings, Continued

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Last night started in another auditorium, but this time it was indoors and relatively dark. I asked someone I knew from the class if we were having a test, and he tells me no, we aren’t. I see my former friend Madeline toward the bottom of the steps, she’s looking around (for me?) but then walks out the door on the opposite side of the room. Then my English professor announces we have a project due very soon, but right now we’ll take the test on r and d. We should turn in the project afterward. 

We begin taking the test, and I feel like I’m doing fine with it. I finish in a reasonable amount of time, there are still quite a few people in the room, but it takes me a while to figure out where to turn it in. Once I’ve done that, I start to leave but then wonder what we’re supposed to do about this project, since that was the last test and the class is over. I go back and find a seat and my professor starts telling us that the project isn’t necessary, unless you want to do it to boost your grade. I’m relieved and glad I went back in. I see Madeline again and somehow realize that her new chemistry class is starting in here once we’re done. Then I see her sitting down taking a test. Then, as I’m leaving, she is too and I have to maneuver to avoid having her see me. I try walking through a side door toward the cafeteria, but then I see she already went that way, so I turn around and go back out toward the main door.

Now I’m back in my dorm in the communal bathroom. I start tossing beanbags to Becky, who is clothed but behind the shower curtain, kind of like she’s on a chair because her head and arms are above the curtain rod. She catches most of them, but then starts missing more. I’m telling her about this magazine cover I saw with Tom Brady on it that I thought she’d like, but then realize it’s her friend Rachel who thinks he’s good looking, not her. 

Then there is something about taking money from a bank. Myself and my friends go inside and split up, and I go into an elevator that will take me to the vault with some security guard. I’m pretending like I’m not there to take the money, and we never actually enter the vault. We go back down to the main floor, and I see one of my other friends and run over to her. The guards think that’s suspicious, but I make something up and they let us leave. 

I’m in my dorm again and I find out I have a package. It’s a huge piñata, shaped like two bean bag chairs sewn together. Another kid is on my floor when I get there and he has a piñata too, but much smaller and normal looking compared to mine.. As I walk by them, his Dad says, “Wait ‘til you see what kind of ion it is!” I walk into my friend’s room and but the huge thing on the floor and unzip it like a body bag; it’s full of candy. I start eating some Smarties, even though I know I shouldn’t (I have food sensitivities, and candy is a definite no.). My friend Victoria starts talking about something and looking out the window, but I’m not sure what she’s referring to.

Later I find out that I scored really well on my tests (680 or 690 … someone else got an 800something) and get free tickets to go to either Russia, China, Arizona, or Eastern Kentucky. I know I’ve heard that the trips abroad aren’t really worth it, and my brother has tickets too, so we decide we’ll do the Kentucky and the Arizona as our vacations. My Dad is with us now, and we are riding horses across a desert that is really rocky and an orange-rust color. I’m really uncomfortable on this ride and we’re barreling through huge rocks that seem really close together. 

We stop and agree to take the train the rest of the way since we already have tickets, and it doesn’t really matter how we get there. We ride along for a bit and I keep looking out the window for signs that say we’re headed toward my hometown, and I’m pretty sure we’re going the right way because Jenny (a girl that I went to kindergarten and first grade with, and now lives in my college dorm) is sitting in front of us and Allison (a girl who went to my high school and also goes to the same college I do) and her brother Conor are behind us. My Dad says something to A and C, and I turn around and say something to Allison, but call her Barbara. I realize afterward that I did this, and figure it’s because I have a friend named Barbara back at my dorm. We stop again and meet up with my aunt, uncle, and mom at this weird place. As we’re coming to the stop I remember seeing all these signs that say “Jesus’s ___” for all the store names, and remark, “Gee, this is Jesus Land, Cory should come here!” My family and I are inside and we are trying to get dinner, but I’m looking at all the menu signs on the wall and thinking there’s no way I’ll be able to eat anything (again, food issues). I go to the bathroom for a while, and when I come back out I know that most of my family has left, except my mom is waiting for me outside. She tells me they all had to get going. Then I woke up.


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