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I once had a dream that probably scared the hell out of me. I was at my Grandma’s house, but literally there. I was at the water park near her house. Me and my siblings were having a great time. We kept sliding down the slide, and hooting and hollaring. But every time I went down the slide it felt like something was building up. Not really explainable. And it almost felt as if on of the corners I was going to slide off. But I trusted the slide.

Next thing you know I take off down the slide. I get to that one corner and whoosh! I go flying off the side! And here’s the worst part…. The whole dream slowed down. Into slow motion, and I’m screaming all slow. As all this seems to happen, I think reality hits my body. It put me in a state where it actually felt like I was falling! So my stomach was dropping and had butterflies in it. The falling was so vivid.

As I look around wondering if I’m going to land in the pool or on the cement, people are trying to position themselves to catch me. As I get close to Earth, I think I’m going to hit the cement by the pool and flat out slap and roll into the water. But a man sorta catches me and lets my weight enter the pool also. So I fell from a really big water slide and didn’t die. I don’t know what this meant but it was probably one of my death-defying dreams.


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