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Finding Out the Meaning of Dreams

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Many times, the translation of a short dream can occupy one or two pages because the dream is composed of many dream symbols. An important dream symbol cannot be translated into a single word. It explains many things to the dreamer at the same time. Other times, a very long dream is translated into only a few words, because it has no important dream symbols.

I’m going to translate the meaning of a short dream that possesses rich symbolism in order to give you an example, but without explaining many details, otherwise this article will be too long.

Mary dreamt that she was walking near the sea when a dog started following her. She tried to avoid it by entering into a cave. She found there two snakes. One was very small and the other one, too big.

We need to know a few details about the dreamer and her life in order to accurately translate this dream. Mary is an attractive young woman. However, she is afraid that her boyfriend is cheating on her. His behavior has changed very much lately.

  • The sea in dreams represents craziness. It is the unknown region of the human psyche where our wild conscience (anti-conscience) lives.
  • The dog in dreams represents infidelity and immorality.
  • The cave represents the discovery that there is a wild past in the human mind (anti-conscience).
  • The snake represents a painful experience that will put an end to the continuation of a mistake.
  • The number two is related to two psychological functions.

Now, let me translate the dream:

“Mary dreamt that she was walking near the sea when a dog started following her.”

Mary is near craziness (the sea) because she is accepting absurd thoughts. Her immoral tendencies keep following her, and trying to dominate her behavior (dog).

“She tried to avoid it, entering into a cave.”

Fortunately, Mary is paying attention to the meaning of her dreams and translating them according to the scientific method. She is discovering that there is an absurd part in the human mind.

“She found two snakes in the cave. One was very small and the other one, very big.”

She discovers that there are painful experiences awaiting her, thanks to the unconscious warnings in her dreams.

She is using only two psychological functions (two snakes), and not the four functions that belong to her psychological system. Therefore, her conscience is one-sided.

Mary is near craziness, almost accepting immorality, because she doesn’t want to accept a separation. Even though she perceives that her boyfriend is cheating on her, she wants to continue having sexual relationships with him (because she cannot control her behavior).

She has to acquire complete consciousness instead of being one-sided. This is how she will be able to control her behavior.

If she will separate her boyfriend and care about transforming her personality, this painful experience will help her find her perfect match in the future (small snake).

However, if she will be indifferent to the unconscious warnings and continue accepting immorality, she will have to bear very bitter future consequences (big snake).


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