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The Frog

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I had a dream once when I was a lot younger that I couldn’t get out of my head. I have always remembered it. I wrote it down in elementary and people thought I was a little strange. It starts out with a young girl in the woods. She is camping under the stars. They whole scene looks strange. She has a campfire going and it sitting on this huge circular rock. While the scene goes on she roasts marshmallows. It didn’t seem right until the rock opened up like a mouth! And it ate her whole. The fire still going…. It’s silent until the rock rumbles and opens up again.

Next thing you know a bunch of frogs start pouring out? Not like regular ones but like cartoonized ones. The whole dream seemed to be a cartoon. But the frogs keep pouring out.

Well, my dream crosses over to another scene. It’s like the news in my head. Two news reporters start to tell me how the camper mysteriously disappeared. 

Ok, the next scene was strange. There’s an old building and it shows an old man. He’s walking in the middle of the night. The man seems to have like a walker, with tennis balls on the foot of the leg. That part was vivid to me. But this man gets around the corner—here come the frogs again! They show up around this corner and just trample him. The news comes back on the reporters both say in sadness a man was killed by the crazed frogs.

So that my unforgettable dream. I don’t know why the frogs kept showing back up, or why I even had it… Anyone who wants to interpret my dream please do?


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