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Future Predictions and Reality

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Today I received a very interesting message from a reader who had many interesting and intriguing dreams.

He told me that he is used to seeing dreams that predict the future, but that this ability is quite problematic for him, because he cannot change what is going to happen. He feels very impotent and sad when he predicts that something bad is going to happen without being able to prevent it, confirming later that his prediction was real.

If he could do something to change the future development of reality, his predictions would be helpful, while now they are painful.

Of course, it’s very sad to see that something bad will happen without being able to stop a catastrophe…

I told him that the scientific method of dream interpretation will help him very much, exactly because the wise unconscious mind shows to the dreamer not only what will happen in the future, but also how he or she can correct their mistakes or help other people correct theirs, so that they may prevent what is bad.

Everything that happens to the human being in his life is related to his behavior. This is why someone can avoid negative future results by changing their attitude and correcting various mistakes in their thoughts and actions.

While all other methods one may use to predict the future are doubtable, and cannot help them understand why the reality they observe will develop in one certain way or another, dream translation according to the scientific method helps everyone understand the real reasons why something will happen in the future, giving them directions about how negative factors can be eliminated.

This happens because the wise unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a doctor and teacher who protects us from the absurd tendencies contained in the wild side of our conscience, helping us develop the positive characteristics of our personality.

When we translate the meaning of our dreams, we learn how to understand the language of a wise and ancient brain that knows things that we ignore, which means that we have a communication with a superior entity that could attain a higher level of development, the same way that we, human beings, could become superior to all the other animals, thanks to our capacity to think and judge the reality we live in.

While in recent years the materialistic conceptions about the universe and human life has prevailed, in this century humanity is researching further and trying to understand all the aspects of the objective reality that cannot be explained by the limited materialistic conceptions, which ignore what doesn’t fit into the scientific pattern of our time.

If the scientific world of the beginning of the twentieth first century is not able to explain many things, this doesn’t mean that they don’t exist, but that the scientific world is too ignorant yet to be able to discover the missing explanations.

Fortunately, the wise unconscious mind can help scientists and common people find all the answers they need, so that they may not only understand why reality is the way it is, but also how it can be positively transformed. 


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