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The Game of Zombies

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September 18th, 2012

It was another day at college when some strange instructors gathered up in front of the college. They were all trying to talk to our Principle, which she was very busy. She came down and talked to them and it looked like she agreed to whatever they were saying. The next five days all the college students and including myself were all called up to go to a secret, special room. When I arrived with some of my friends, the room was very special. It has all kinds of stuff; like special computers made to go in when someone played a game on it, computer hardware, nice desks, and all kinds of things. It all looked very expensive, we all were assigned a number and that number was where we were going to sit at one of the special computers. I was given the number 21, and luckly I sat close by three of my closest friends. Me and my friends started to whisper… "what do you think we're doing here? Is it some sort of test? Why are we he—-" Smack! "Be quiet and listen!" said the principle. We hushed and listened. A man who instructed us to come here; started talking, "Ahem… listen today is a very good day, in fact it is a very important day for which all of you should listen for the rules…" he trailed off as students started to whisper "Rules?! What rules?" He started again in a mighty voice, "To all of you and especially your college was given to do this task… I mean challenge." Again with the students whispering. "SILENT!!!!" He yelled out. "Ahem… so I will now tell the rules and then I will tell what we 'instructors' plan to tell you what game. A game that is very realistic and these special computers can make you go right inside of them as if you are playing as you, inside the game as yourself. Does that sound fun?" He asked. "Yes!" said all the students at once. "Good, good. Alrighty then, now I shall tell you guys about the rules. Listen very well or else! Or else something very awful will happen to you. Number 1. No quits, you cannot simply say you do not want to play it. Number 2. No whimpering, your in college now, your not in kinder-garden. Number 3. No talking when your playing the special game only and ONLY when your inside the computer. Number 4. DO NOT CHEAT. Number 5. Last rule.. No damaging these computers!" He said with one final breath. "I'll answer any questions if they are any.." He said simply. A few people raised their hands. One guy asked, "Are we allowed to have bathroom breaks?" "Yes. Of course." He answered. A girl asked, "What about when we get hungry?" "Oh, yes. Food. Yes, we have tons of food for all of you. Very delicious food cooked by our top twenty chefs!" A shy girl blurted out her question, "When we play the game… well, are we allowed to you know.. team up with others..?" "Ahh.. of course! Being allied with someone you trust is very important indeed. But if you insist on being alone, that is fine too." He answered with a smile. Another guy asked, "These computers look very different from our computers we have in the library.. how do we use 'em? "Ah, yes! Lad, that is a very smart question. These computers are very different indeed, in fact they're very, VERY special computers. We 'instructors' will show you all how to use them until you know how to… it's quite simple in fact." He answered. "Anymore questions? No more, alrighty then—" "Wait", I said. "Yes, dear?" He said as he smiled at me. "Uh.. well… how long will this last? About a day, you think? Or maybe five days?" I asked curiously. "Oh, yes! Of course, another smart question indeed. Well, Hmmm I think it'll last about ten days or so." He answered. "Alrighty then, I shall tell you students about what kind of game you will be playing shortly. It will be like a horror game, it has blood and gore in it, very nasty I know, but I didn't pick it. My boss picked it and it has a whole bunch of zombies in it that you guys will need to fight to get the rarest item we need at the very end of the game. Understand?" He asked. Everyone nodded their heads up and down. "Let it began!" He roared. It was now time, once every student learned how to use these so called, 'special computers' we began. I looked to my left, my friend Mara whose hands started shaking as she started the Zombie game. Mara noticed I was looking at her and then looked back at her computer screen, I looked back and started the game also. First the screen was pitch black, then it started up and I was in a chamber. A chamber that was light grey, and the walls were stones. The graphics looked absolutely amazing! Almost as it were in real life, it was stunning… in the chamber you had to go straight right and jump, punch your way out of the trolls. Wait… trolls..? I thought he said they're were going to be zombies… maybe later in the game there will be. Hmm.. my thoughts were sending shivers down my spine. I came to the first troll who was just hammering the wall with what looked like a hammer to me, alright… this looks easy. All I have to do is sneak past him, and then he won't even notice. I'll give it a go! I pressed the arrow keys gently and walked slowly past him as I could. Then I thought he didn't notice, but I guess he did because he twitched his big head, and turned to look at me. Ahh! What do I do now? Run! I ran away and jumped across the little pit and then I kept running 'til I was out of breath. Wait.. I'm out of breath..? But I'm playing it on the computer… how could I-? Oh! I got into the game because it got too excited that I popped myself into the game itself. So, that's what the instructors were trying to tell me… but I didn't really understand… until now. Mara was nervous, she looked around in the room, it seemed she was too scared to get into the game. She was still playing it from the computer she saw the guy who sat next to where I disappeared into my computer, just went into his screen. Mara panicked but soon she got into it herself, it can take awhile for other people to get into this game. For me, I was already into it more than anyone, it seemed. "Way to go! All the students are now in the game itself." announced the man. I turned around and the troll couldn't catch up, I observed the troll from afar. He was very big, round and short because he was quite fat… he kind of looked like the troll from the movie, Lord of the Rings. I turned away and headed the right way, I dodged and blocked and ran from all those monsters back there, didn't have time to observe them because they smelled so awful! "Whose hungry? Whose tired and needs a break? …I bet every one of you are tired and need a break from playing." announced the man. All the students got back out of the computer and it was break time, some people took a nap, ate some food, etc. After an hour or so, we got to have a chat with our friends… ten it was time to go back into that game. Forty minutes had past, and I came into another chamber… but this one was different. It was a chamber full of weapons and such, then I heard a weird noise coming from upper chamber… could it be from the zombies? It sure did sound like a noise a zombie would make. I stood there frozen, hands clenching into fists. I saw other students taking their favorite weapon and running upstairs to that strange noise, then I heard girls screaming. "You frightened?" I looked to my right as a girl pointed a spear at me. "Huh? What did you say?" I asked with a grin on my face. She shrugged and ran off and yelled out, "I said, are you FRIGHTENED?!" I looked down at my hands and they shook with fear.. "what..? No.. I'm not. I'M NOT!" I then said, but I realized that girl was gone. "Hey, Tasha!" I heard someone calling my name, and saw that it was Mara and some other of my friends! We chatted a few minutes then I grabbed a weapon and we split up. I quickly went up the stairs and saw one dreadful sight.. zombies they were everywhere! It was as if I was in the middle of a zombie movie surrounded by loads of zombies! I took a step after another, then ran my way thought and stabbed a few zombies with my sword, I dug it into their scrawny heads. I ran and ran then I came to a sudden stop.. what the hell is this? I thought. The path was gone, how on earth would I get to the other side? "JUMP!" One guy yelled as he jumped over me. "Whoa!" I said amazed. I ran back then I ran and jumped when I got closer the the broken pathway. The wind felt good, I landed on the other side, there were so many zombies on this side though! The walls were broken into somehow, and now I was outside and it was pouring out. I screamed as a zombie tried to eat me. Then this guy saved me, and me and him fought the zombies together! It was much easier when someone was on the same side as me. He said his name was Kim Nam Gil, he also said he was Korean. After fighting zombies for about half and hour or so.. me and this guy allied together! Once someone got eaten alive by a zombie because I saw this girl get eaten, you were sent back to the computer. Me and Kim Nam Gil were close to the special item that the man wanted and once we got there, we won the game! Everyone got sent back to the special room, "Congratulations, Tasha & Kim Nam Gil for winning!" He said. The game was now over, but it was an exciting and terrifying game.


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