The Gates of Heaven?

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The dream starts out with my father and I climbing a snow topped mountain. When we have successfully climbed over the mountain and are back at the base of it, my friend Julia magically appears, she laughs and tells me a joke. Then we are walking and we come to a tollbooth, where nuns are taking the money. I tell Julia that it is strange that nuns would be taking the money and she says “yeah it is weird. That’s not their job! Nuns are supposed to try and tear apart the church, not collect money!” (In real life Julia IS Catholic.) After this conversation, I magically transport to the gates of heaven where god asks me how old I am. I reply with thirteen and my dad replies with forty-nine. We are allowed into heaven where my mom greets us. She tells me that I am dead. She says I was hit by a car at the tollbooth. My father had died years later, and so had she, yet somehow she was there before me. She shows me around and I begin to cry. I ask her what you do all day here and she says that you can do anything. She takes us to our home (which was my childhood home) and I look out the back door. Instead of just seeing small flashing lights in the sky for airplanes, I see the top of airplanes since we would be above them. I start to cry again and she just calls me a crybaby. I then ask her if we are allowed to “haunt” the living and she says “NO! THAT IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED!” I was kind of bummed about that. I ask how old the woman was who killed me and my mom says she was about twenty-five and I say “Good. Did she feel REALLY BAD? She better!” Then out of the blue I see a pregnant woman walking around. I ask how a dead woman could be pregnant and my mom says because sometimes they don’t have a chance to reproduce on Earth so they do it here. But they have a very small chance of getting pregnant because they only get their period once a year. We walk around some more and I just kind of get used to it. When I wake up from my dream, I have tears rolling down my cheeks and I am hugging my dog as hard as I could!

When I woke up, I truly thought I was dead. I saw a light coming from down the hallway (which in my fully awake state I’m sure was just the stereo light), but I refused to go near it. I was so scared and I didn’t want to be dead. It was so realistic and everything about this heaven seemed real. I remember when I looked out my backdoor in the dream I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming. I COULD FEEL IT! And I didn’t wake up then either which is another reason I thought I was really dead. When I was awake though, I remembered that my family is planning a big snow trip in March and I started getting really scared that I was going to die then. I don’t know what this dream is supposed to mean. Is it some sort of sign? Or was it nothing more than my brain conjuring up random dreams?


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