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gender swapping WW1 soldier!

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This is a bit of a strange one!
I dreamt I was a male world war two soldier (and I am definitely not male in real life!) we were all waiting at this abandoned outside theatre with tattered grand red curtains for orders and trying to find places to sleep. My old flat ate was my comrade and we saw there were people sleeping on all this dumped furniture, there was old cages, sofa’s and we decided to use a table as bunk beds to she was on top and I was underneath it. Early morning an alarm sounded and everyone jumped up and ran to collect weapons, my comrade disappeared into the sea of people but I was really confused as to whether I was supposed to be a man or a woman! To aid the problem the man giving out the guns was leering at me and trying to touch me even though I was convinced I was a man. He said “No gun, we have other plans for you. Come with me” and he dragged me kicking and screaming away from everyone one else to this old neglected mansion. I wanted to be fighting with the other men and was really pee’d off!
Inside they were making the propaganda films to show back home and they had a man portending to be Hitler with a charcoal moustache covered in seaweed dressed as a mermaid and people were ridiculing him for the film. I didn’t know if I needed to get into a pin up girl outfit and be a dancing girl or stay in my uniform, go and punch ‘Hitler’ and be the male part! I finally decided to be the male part and everybody cheered me when I knocked ‘hitler’s’ lights out. I was then finally told I could go to fight with the others but was given a flag as a weapon, I could walk properly with it so another guy snatched the flag back and gave me a gun. When I got to the trenched my flat mate was maintaining her gun with a cigarette hanging out her mouth (she was a man too though) and we greeted each other. Bombs started falling but we gave each other a wry smile as we knew we were done for but wanted to go out in style and ran up out of the trenches into the white light.


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