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God’s Waiting Room (Part 1)

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I had a dream last night. I was in a wonderful place that I will call God’s Waiting Room. I was not as I am now, or even how I was as a child or any time in between. In reflection, I am thinking I was as I was before I was born. My spirit or soul was eagerly waiting for my number to be called; the anticipation and excitement was so over whelming. I was not alone. This place was packed with equally eager souls, babies, and grandma’s waiting to be born. This waiting room was not like one would find in any earthly dentist’s office. There was no fear or negative anticipation of events to unfold. This was a place of wonderful warm light and indescribable love. I clutched my prepared portfolio and my number. Hmmm number 598,649,821,659,482 … should have brought a good book. The nice soul next to me told me that there is only one “good book” in this place. I wonder what he meant by that. 

At last, my number was called. It was my time to talk things over with God. I had so much to say and was incredibly excited to see what path of life would be determined for me. I thought I could cut through some of the decision-making red tape by presenting my plan, along with charts, graphs, and a cost benefit analysis. I unleashed all of my hopes and desires, my expectations for a wonderful life, and there were many. I talked for a good long time while God listened patiently. I determined that I should have a great family, wonderful parents, nice home, and town to grow up in, great education and opportunities, devoted husband and children, spectacular job with plenty of money, friends galore, I must be exceptionally good looking and have lots of fun and adventure along the way. All of that should pretty much fill up eighty plus years. As an after thought, I decided to throw in good health. There … I think I touched on all the high points and God could fill in the rest.

He smiled a gentle smile and let me finish. I am thinking he was very impressed with my presentation. Certainly he had never met a more organized soul with her life’s plan laid all out in such great detail right in front of him. If you think about it, it is clear that I had done most of his work for him here giving him more time to work on world peace. This was going to be a piece of cake. I took a deep breath, sat back, and waited for praise. Hmmm … what’s he waiting for?

Instead, he reached into his drawer and presented me with a startling large file with my name on it. I was getting the idea that I had work, lots of work to do with many challenges ahead. God, being that he’s God, patiently began to explain that my time on earth was to learn certain lessons in life, which would develop my spiritual growth. This life was to be a gift given with many difficult challenges to conquer and it was not going to be easy. I would be given choices. I would be given this thing called “free-will.” Hmmm, I wonder what that means? I figured out that there was no free ticket back to Heaven when my work was done. My good deeds, making a positive difference in this world by helping others and lessons learned were the only ticket back home. I was going to stumble sometimes, but he was always going to be there to listen and help dust me off so I could start again.

We discussed my file together. It was a plan custom made just for me to help me learn many lessons in life. It was a plan, which included a humble life style, not the “Life Style of the Rich and Famous” version as outlined in my plan. I would begin my early years in a small rural town, living in an old colonial house and born to my chosen parents who were both teachers. I had already been given an older sister for a purpose. Apparently I would have to learn many lessons about this thing called “sharing and compromise,” and I would hate that. My many other challenges would begin early. By the age of three, I would already be having conversations with God, trying to figure out where exactly I fit in the big scheme of things. I would be six when my little friend and schoolmate died in a tragic accident. I would learn and understand at an early age that each person had their own journey, and some would spend many years completing their work while others were here for only a short time.

I would also be a child challenged with the effects of divorce and a broken home and with coping with time and loyalties, which would be divided between parents. All of this was designed to help me later in my understanding and development of empathy when it came to helping others through similar tough times. I would learn to cope with painful and unexpected change. In my teenage years, I would push that “free-will” card to its limits. I would learn many more lessons of compromise during those years, and other lessons, which would help to make me independent, stronger, and motivated. I would also begin to adjust my perception that life was not “fair,” understanding that it was not supposed to be “fair,” instead that my personal lessons were quite different from the lessons of others.

My twenties were to be about adventure and self-discovery and it would come as a bit of a shock to learn that life was not all about me. My thirties would focus on education and building relationships, and I would eventually succeed in my career though determination and hard work. I would encounter health issues, turbulence with family members throughout my life, and losses of loved ones. I would face new challenges and wonderful blessings. I would develop a respect for ethics. I would be blessed with a wonderful gift. Beauty was not what I had imagined at all. It would become very important for me to discover my family through genealogy and learn all I could about the lives of my family members who had gone before me. It would be a mission of sorts. God blessed me with traits of those I found in my family tree and the face of my great-grandmother. I would only discover this blessing in my thirties when I uncovered some long lost photographs and journals. I would smile after that day when I looked in the mirror as this was my reminder of my heritage. I also found that true beauty was to be found on the inside. This was something I would work on and treasure more with age.

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