Grandma Having a Baby

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I am perplexed about the dreams I have had several times in the last two years. First one I am pregnant, very pregnant, I can feel how big I am getting, I can feel the baby moving. When I woke up I was actually feeling my abdomen to make sure nothing was there that is was just a dream. Another dream I am going through labor and delivery. I can feel the labor pains, I am in the delivery room doctors all around me telling me to push, I can feel the baby leave my body, hear the first cries. I woke up all covered in sweat and totally exhausted. Next dream I am playing with the baby on the living room floor then I’m putting her in the car seat getting buckled in, calling her by name and driving to town to go shopping. Anyone have any suggestions on how to interpret this? I can not have any more children. And, have grown children with children of their own.


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