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Help Me with My Nightmare!

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I really need help with a recurring nightmare that I have just about every night. In it, I’m lying in my bed and I feel terrified, groggy; I have the worst awkward feeling. There’s tingling all over my body, almost as if there is something or someone evil/bad there. I proceed to get up and try to make it down the stairs to my bedroom door. Every time I make it to the door, the dream goes back to me in my bed, as if I’m actually awake thinking I had a nightmare. Sometimes I think I’m screaming or moaning in horror, hoping someone hears me. The feelings and process/nightmare repeat themselves till I actually wake up drenched in sweat. Last night was the first time that there was a very unclear female figure in my nightmare as I got to my door. This nightmare is so vivid that I almost don’t want to go to sleep at night; I am truly terrified. I rarely have dreams or nightmares and this won’t stop. Can you please help me understand what’s going on?


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