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Horseback Riding Lesson

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July 17th, 2012 journal entry

I was at this place taking horseback riding lessons. I was with a few other people that were also taking horseback riding lessons. They were nice and friendly to me. First thing we had to do was wash and clean our horses, so they were nice and clean to go run. Second, we had to soap their back and wash their mane and tails. It was quite a fun thing to do, I mean washing a big, strong horse. It was fascinating for me and the other people too. Then we all brushed/combed our horses mane and tail, so it wouldn't be all tangled. Then we had to dry the horses, and that was a great thing to do. My horse was a girl, and she was very friendly. I even kissed her nozzle, which was very warm and soft. She nayed and then showed her quite yellowish teeth. Her breath didn't smell too good, but that didn't matter because humans breaths were the same. It was time! It was now time to put the riding equipment on our horses, I wasn't sure how to put it on, so I watched the other guy who was to my right. I put the dusty-ish, blue colored blanket on the horses back first, like that guy showed me. Now for the hazelnut, brown saddle on top of the blanket and then I buckled the saddle underneath the horses belly. All of the horses already had their horseshoes on, so we didn't have to worry about putting those on. They also already had they bridle on too. The first to mount their horse, was this guy whose skin was very tanned. He didn't look scared at all, his horse looked mighty strong. Next, was my turn to mount my pretty horse, who was a palomino cream color… my favorite horse color breed. It wasn't that hard to get onto the horse, but it felt kind of weird at first. The saddle was stiff and hard, so it wasn't very comfy either.. oh well, I thought better than nothing. I held the reins in my right hand, this was how our teacher taught us. My horse walked forward to the bushes and started to get a little snack. It was now time to start the lesson, all three people on their horses, which included one guy, me and this other girl. I was a little scared and excited at the same time during the lesson… now I wasn't sure about the other girl though she looked pretty happy about it. She was smiling and very high spirited. Our teacher said a few things and then the lesson began, the trotting part was easy but when getting to the running part was a little difficult for me. When riding the horse while she was running, it was a very bumpy ride. I mean very bumpy, it felt very uncomfortable and felt like I was going to fall off my horse at one point. I was very frightened that I was going to fall right off my horse when I made a right turn. I looked at the other two people on their horses and it seemed as though that they weren't having a hard time at all, the guy with the tanned skin, almost looked like he was enjoying it. The girl with the braided hair, looked like she was laughing, and still smiling. I couldn't believe it! How could they enjoy the pain of the stiffness from the saddle..? Either they were already used to it, or they didn't mind it at all. About one hour had already past, and we finally finished with lesson one. When I got off my horse, I gave her another kiss on her nozzle, she went right to her water when all the equipment was taken off. All the pain from riding an hour or so was unbarring, and even when I got off the horse my legs were starting to wobble. I glanced over at the other two, the guy was looked tired and doing arm movements seeing how bad the soreness was. The girl looked very worn out, she slowly and gently patted her horse and walked away while taking very tiny footsteps toward a nice, comfy chair. She slowly sat down, scrunching her face up from the unbearable pain in her sore muscles. I stole a glance back from the guy, who was splashing water on his face.. I turned around quick. So they were also sore all over too, they didn't even show the slightest pain when riding. Now that lesson one was now finished, the next lesson was next week according to the schedule. We all looked extremely exhausted, it was excellent news the next lesson was next week, if it was tomorrow I think I would have died. The stiff saddle was just unbearable for my bum, it was just so sore.. it hurted every time I sat down or even bend down. The soreness on my entire body lasted about a week or so, pain pills everyday was good, but it didn't help the soreness go away. Then I woke up from this exciting dream! I wish I could have slept longer, but it was good anyway.


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