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How Can a Nightmare Help You?

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I’m going to show you how a scary nightmare can help you and how you can definitively stop seeing bad dreams, while transforming your personality.

Never interpret a nightmare based on your opinion or on the opinion of dream interpreters who don’t follow the scientific method. Nightmares are serious warnings that you must thoroughly understand.

I simplified the method of dream interpretation discovered by Carl Jung, transforming it into a fast and simple method of dream translation from images to words. You’ll easily learn how to translate your dreams by following my dynamic method.

You should follow the guidance of the unconscious mind that produces your dreams in order to eliminate bad dreams and positively transform your personality.

Bad dreams and nightmares are not produced by your anxiety; they don’t simply reflect your fears. They contain precious hidden messages with important information and guidance for you.

A nightmare works like an alarm. It tries to open your eyes and make you see the dangers that you are not seeing.

All bad dreams try to protect you and show you things that you are not paying attention to, but are very important for your own safety. They are not as scary as nightmares, but they are alarms too.

When you see yourself being chased and in great danger in a dream, this means that the wild side of your conscience is trying to control the human side of your conscience. You have to be careful and change your attitude.

In case you see yourself falling from a high place in a dream, this means that you will have serious deceptions. You must be prepared to face everything with wisdom and triumph in the end.

Be extremely cautious when you see a spider in a dream, because this is a dream symbol that indicates an obligation that you must not postpone.

Most dream symbols indicate danger because the primary function of all dream messages is to protect your mental health from the absurdity contained in the wild side of your conscience.

A nightmare can help you see the mistakes you are avoiding. It will enable you to recognize that you cannot accept that you are wrong. You are insisting on doing things that will bring you bad consequences in the future, or you are not doing what you must do in order to avoid future problems.

Follow dream therapy and you’ll find all the solutions you need. You’ll learn how to avoid all dangers and evolve.
Now that I simplified the dream language so much, this indispensable first step is very simple.

You’ll verify that my work is really serious and it really helps you in many ways. The unconscious wisdom will be confirmed in your daily life thanks to the positive results you’ll get.

Much to your surprise, you will come to find that a nightmare can actually help you to understand what is going on in your psyche and to help you overcome any challenges that cross your path. It will be a stimulus that will make you care about the meaning of your dreams and the transformation of your personality, saving you from many frustrations and suffering. 


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