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How can some one visit where they never existed and how can a resident collect souls in which it knew nothing of?  

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Dream--- that turned into---reality

May 21, 2012------------------Sept.3rd 2012

I like to share a special incident that happened during one of my extremely unexplainable experience about (2) weeks ago. One night as I lay on my bed trying to meditate myself to sleep, I felt someone are something tugging at the covers at the base of the bed, which covered my feet, me being almost asleep not completely realizing what was transpiring, subconsciously gripped the covers that covered my upper body and when whatever it was realized the covers was not going anywhere, because of the tight grip I had on the covers, actually tugged at the covers just as hard as the grip I had on the upper portion. Me still not acknowledging what was going on held the covers just as tight as it was pulling and fell asleep, maintaining this grip. Yet after I had fallen asleep, I met my grandfather, grandmother, uncle and two brothers, all whom has been deceased at the minimum of about ten years and at the most 30 years ago. Although passed on, everyone appeared happy sitting on the back porch,(of the haunted house that I grew up in), or either getting in a waiting car that appeared too small to accommodate them all, discussing preparations for some long journey together, that they had planned. What was strange was that my grandparents was deceased way before this house was occupied by my mother and father and my mother was sitting on the front porch of this house away from everyone else, yet I was able to conversate with her, as she occupied the front porch but with my grandparents, uncle and deceased brothers, as they prepared for their venture in this tiny car in the back, I was only able to be amongst them. There also appeared a man, whom I related to in this experience, as my deceased father standing beside the car, convincing everyone to load up for this trip, yet he was the only one whom face was blurred out and I could not make it out. My mother is very ill in real life, yet in the dream it was if she was preparing to join everyone else but was singled out, due to her not being one of the deceased personnel on the back porch, she as stated, remained on the front porch and I had to rush home from where ever I was coming from to check on her, because in this vision, I knew she was ill. After checking on her, I then proceeded to the back porch with everyone else, whom I am not sure acknowledged my presence or not, we did not communicate but I was able to be amongst them as stated throughout the dream, yet with my mom, I did hold conversations and she spoke of waiting for something and that she was real sick. It was if she was waiting to join someone and was not allowed to associate with my family on the back porch, which is why she remained on the front porch sitting in a chair wrapped in a blanket. It was if I knew she was waiting to join my family in the rear, as they prepared for their journey and it scared the hell out of me as I forced myself to wake, to ensure this was not happening. I went to my mom’s house the following day to check on her but could not bring myself to tell her what I had experienced. Could you inform me whether this means she herself will soon take this journey with them as well, being that they were loading up but had not departed yet, as though they were waiting on her? I really need clarification with this dream as she is scheduled for heart surgery early next month. More than anything, I really don’t care for this old house that seems to collect and house my deceased family members, although they appeared happy in their endeavors, my experiences with this house has been extremely scary, negative and unwanting to be associated with it.

Thank you,
Jimmy Arnold


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