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Human Intelligence and Dreams

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Common people don’t consider dreams as important manifestations of our psychology and of course, they cannot imagine that the information we can obtain through dream interpretation surpasses our expectations.

However, I feel that I have the moral obligation to explain that they must care for their dreams as much as they care for their daily lives, because the dreams’ messages give them a map, while they live in the darkness of ignorance, surrounded by infinite hidden dangers and their daily life depends on their decisions and actions.

How can they act in the darkness and avoid the dangers they cannot see?

They cannot avoid anything that they cannot see. This is the reason they fall in the traps on the way and they suffer very much throughout their lives.

Dream interpretation is a science. We can read the content of the psychic sphere of each person translating their dreams’ messages, predict the future and change the future when it is negative if the person changes their behavior. This is possible because everything on our planet is related to our behavior; we can learn about the content of other people’s psychic spheres, how we can solve all the problems of our daily life, cure all the diseases and achieve much more.

This is a treasure that has been underestimated for so many years, and it has only recently started to have certain meaning in our civilization because mental illnesses have greatly increased and psychotherapy has now become a necessity for everyone.

It really is indispensable for all; however, people don’t have time and not everyone can afford to pay for the several sessions of treatment with a psychotherapist ...

Therefore, this underestimated treasure can save the poor population that desperately requires psychotherapy and a map in the darkness of ignorance where they live! Everyone sees dreams without exception. This is free and safe psychotherapy for everyone.

We only need to learn the meaning of the basic dream symbols and how to decipher the meaning of the other symbols by ourselves to have this treasure for life.

However, only the correct method of translation of the dream symbols can provide guidance and cure. Inaccurate methods can only confuse and mislead desperate patients.

The only correct method of dream interpretation was discovered by the famed psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung. His work is very complex; however, I furthered his research and greatly simplified it. I also clearly explained all the obscure points he could not see as clearly as I did. This was possible thanks to the information I obtained from recent scientific discoveries made in my time and by continuing his research through dream interpretation into the unknown region of the human psychic sphere.

The knowledge of the human being is all about the world one lives in. One doesn’t really know anything about one’s psychic world, the meaning of life and death and infinite more wisdom, which are all beyond one’s comprehension.

Through dream interpretation, one can verify this truth, by discovering the wild side of the conscience and learning how to eliminate its poisonous influence with the guidance of the wise unconscious mind that works like a doctor.

This way one can transform the world into a better place where one will be able to live happily, evolve completely and reach much higher levels of intelligence.

The light of wisdom will finally put an end to the darkness of ignorance, saving humanity from eternal suffering without solution.


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